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Basic Introduction
   to Scientific Flies

1998 A...DAT...DATA...(OVERFLOW!)

track description: (by Frank D. Underwaitle jr.)

Since both scientists, I.C.HIR and A:tapani.doc, have thoroughly collected all the new data which the little caterpillar has sent from the mars-expedition, nothing seems to be the same anymore:
Science has to be written completely new...

The opener of the album, A...DAT...DATA...(OVERFLOW!), is a piece that shows, what happens, when there’s too much data around: it's overflow low!

WE ALL, actually the first single-release-track of the album, then talks about ordinary people - or is it us -living on the road and leaving the house. But pregnant divorce is a state that has always to be taken care of. - And never forget the power of words!

The third track is titled NEW SO-CI(E)TY (CHILDREN) and is based on the idea that so far each emerging society in mankind’s history used or uses specially designed urban particles that perfectly fit the needs of the people in charge. Thus, meaning to think about modern politics, corruption, and birth control; and in result of all: car accidents, still representing unwanted side-effects of post industrialized technology...

Then comes APOLLO. - Now, this is some kind of a sun-chair like breather; an energy-refiller, or if you like: the best accumulator-loading-device one can imagine. Including some impressive joik from outer space, as well as transposed noises of two Scientific Flies buzzling around, APOLLO takes the listener straight up to the moon, two times around its orbit, and not back to earth again...

The fifth track on the album is FOR THE FIRST TIME, and it has nothing to do with a love song whatsoever. Dadaistic-like phrases  from everyday life are meticulously reported and analysed before floating into the unmistakable refrain, actually saying that there is always something more around, than what is seen on the screen scene.

SPINNING WHEEL is like a windmill-vane: spinning around and around... - until a vast landscape emerges out of almost nothing, that, as soon as it comes, as soon it disappears again... - until the vane takes up energy again and spins around for some more; almost endlessly: just like waves on the ocean rolling on to the beach, collapsing but being born at the same time...

The following track, then, tells about the SMALL LITTLE CATERPILLAR that so successfully has been sent out to that revolutionary mars-expedition (see also ‘News’), and what happened to him after he had returned to earth in the year 2000. (- bad luck, anyway...)

The 8th track now reveals, what Scientific Flies like, dislike, sometimes do (or did), etc.; - all told from their point of view (WE ARE SCIENTIFIC FLIES).

Directly following is LONG DESERT STREET WALK, the ultimate animally shake-off dance-floor-number. In fact, it is a very slow hip-hop, containing many meditative moments. - One has to listen very carefully and patiently to it, in order to discover all the lights and sparkles that appear unregularly during that long street walk through the desert.

BONUS, then, is at first a funny Punch and Judy show-song, but at second sight, it is a deeply sociocritical piece, that talks about a bomb being found by Punch and Pezi, the two naive chaps, who are still looking for a birthday-present for their grandma... - The track ends rather openly, but not without saying, that sometimes it’s not good to make light of anything being found at the front-door.

After that, the two scientists, I.C.HIR and A:tapani.doc, reveal a universal scientific fact, namely that MARS IS COMING CLOSER TO US. Although everyone of us knows that, it is the way, how they explain that special fact to us, which is stunning and exciting at the same time...

Probably the most metaphysical song of the album is LONELINESS IS COMING: a genuine snapshot of a (wo)man´s psyche, implying the quest for ... a schönes Leben.

The last named song on the CD is WHERE ARE YOU?: a rethorical question, being asked to the whole universe. - Sometimes we need some help and advice from somebody else, who’s not quickly at hand. But, whatever the question might have been, most of the wanted answers are floating ‘round anyway, if we are only that patient and perceptive enough to detect the helping hand/hint beside us, that tells them.

All in all, A...DAT...DATA...(OVERFLOW!) is simply a masterpiece of pure conversion from truly scientific data - excerpted from an animally manned mars-expedition in the year 2000 - into unmistakable auditive overflows, which will revolutionize our images of our worlds.